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TaylorMade Therapy provides Telehealth professional counseling for individuals, couples, families, and employees by offering a number of services that may be appropriate for you.

Areas Of Speciality

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling allow us the opportunity to provide a one on one treatment for an individual in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. Individual counseling will assist with dealing with many personal topics such as anxiety, substance abuse, and relationship challenges.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage or Couples counseling allow us the ability to provide couples a plan to resolve any issues that are affecting their relationship. Marriage counseling is to not only resolve issues but also help strengthen the bond between each other.

EAP Counseling

TaylorMade provide EAP counseling to assist employee(s) with managing workplace and personal issues that may affect job performance. We provide consultation to managers and supervisors to address employee and organizational needs.

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